How do I choose?

How do I choose?

Now that you have chosen your preferred overall style, the next stage is to fine-tune each of the four flower-related elements of the wedding.

These questions will help you decide what’s right for you. You can also contact us for a few sample pictures. 

Click below to fill out the following questionnaire in GoogleForms. A copy of your completed form will be sent to your email address. This will also allow us to service you better. 

  1. What style do you like? (Multiple styles and mixtures work too!)

2. What is most important to you to be decorated, and what the least? 

 Kallah Chair? Chuppah? Halls and Tables?


3. How many guests are you expecting? 

4. Where would you like table centerpieces (this can be flower arrangements, candelabras, other…)?

Men and Women? Just for women? Something simple for men, nicer for women? Head table? One every two tables? Other?

5. What is your budget?