Let's simplify things

We can cater to all budgets. Remember, beautiful doesn’t have to mean big! We will happily provide artistic quality designs based on what you can afford. 

Everything is highly personalized, so it’s impossible to give a perfect answer. However, please be in contact with us for a sample price list. Remember, we can cater to any budget.

We offer unlimited talk time – your simchah is of the utmost importance to us!

In the event that discussions become lengthy, we may ask for some confirmation (such as a deposit) that you are choosing ATMOSPHERE for your simchah before continuing.

True, we may want to eat, sleep, and actually prepare your arrangements! Of course we’ll have to find times that are convenient for everyone, but there will be no charge and we’ll never refuse to discuss further.

We are based in Jerusalem, but also do surrounding areas. For larger events we would consider further out.

No. We are strictly particular that all our flowers are free from any Halachic issues, and have been in contact with Rav Efrati’s hechsher for guidance. When shmittah comes we will ensure that everything is above board.

Silk flowers are on hire only, so we do take them back (if you wish they could be for sale). As for the real flower arrangements, they belong to the one who paid for them! Take them home – they’ll look great on the table! (Vases etc. are on hire, only the arrangements themselves are available).

Weddings, bar mitzvahs, shabbat chattan, bat mitzvah…you name it!

Absolutely! We are familiar with bands and photographers who are extremely accomodating and easy to work with – and they will really make your simcha! Be in touch!

We will be happy to refer you to efficient and reliable wedding planners.

Of course! These little details can add a lot. If possible, try to order in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Yes, with pleasure.

The truth is it won’t really make much of a difference. We’ll be in constant communication (unless you prefer to be left alone!!) and we’ll take care of it all.

It may depend on the event, but usually about half the money will be requested about a month and a half before the wedding to cover certain costs. The rest can be paid on the day before the wedding or earlier.

You are welcome to pay in cash, bank transfer, or check. If another method is preferrable, please be in contact with us.

Although we cannot offer this service, we are determined that you should be delighted with your ATMOSPHERE experience. If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied with our service, we may offer some consolation (e.g. discount on shabbat sheva brochos flowers). 

However, please do inform us if there is anything with which you are not 100% pleased.