Dream a Scene

What kind of ATMOSPHERE are you looking for?

What do you prefer: to buy pretty flowers? Or would you rather generate an experience and mood that will be remembered by all? 

Take a look at this picture. What do you see? A crown? A diamond ring? Whatever it means to you, it’s more than just a cute arrangement. Our designs are expressive, as well as artistic.

Unlock your mind...

Here are a few ideas to help you find your inspiration. What kind of sentiment do you want to be felt at your simcha? Think of your own ideas, and we’ll be glad to provide some more!

  • Rose petals in decorated baskets for flower girls/boys
  • Recreate the wedding logo on benchers…all in flowers!
  • Mini water fountains decorate with flowers - hear the music of nature!
  • Lanterns along the aisle
  • Adorn every place-setting with a single flower and a name-tag
  • Floating tea-lights
  • Flower arches over the Head Table
  • And much, much more!

Of course, if you prefer to have a template all laid out for you, we are happy to provide several samples.